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What’s with this new featured Cocktail? Not only did one of LM’s team members’ create this cocktail with the palette of Ukraine in mind, but 100% of all sales from our Ukraine Cocktail will be donated to World Central Kitchen, to support our global Ukrainian community. Now, doesn’t that just taste better. This heartfelt initiative is felt to the LM Family’s core, and we have another week to continue to help us support our neighbors with a sip of hope.

In addition to our refreshing cocktail, we have featured a variety of events – our most recent was this past Sunset Soiree at Oceanic was an absolute success! This fundraising event was so well received by guests, all we heard positive feedback. Guests were so thankful the LM Family was doing this fundraiser and raved about the event. We even had a few families that were from Ukraine attending. Many asked questions about the larger initiative, how we started it and planned so we were able to share our story.

Well done to the Oceanic Team and all the Guests who attended to support our global neighbors in Ukraine!

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