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Recently, the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (NCRLA) hosted a dazzling ceremony, shining the spotlight on industry luminaries whose passion, dedication, and commitment have left a mark on the hospitality landscape. Among the honorees was LM Restaurants’ Lex Collazo, a shining star at Vidrio.

Help us take a moment to celebrate this well-deserved accomplishment!

🏆 LEX COLLAZO, LM Restaurants, Vidrio

NCRLA Restaurant Employee of the Year 2024

🥂 A round of applause you, Lex! We couldn’t be prouder to support your successes.

LEX COLLAZO: A Beacon of Hospitality Excellence

In a separate honor, Lex Collazo, a valued member of the LM Restaurants family, was named the NCRLA Restaurant Employee of the Year. With exceptional hospitality and leadership skills, Lex has transformed the dining experience at Vidrio, leaving an indelible impression on guests and colleagues alike.

Recognized for his infectious spirit and unwavering dedication, Lex embodies the true essence of hospitality. His colleagues speak of his natural talent for leadership and his ability to inspire others to excel. With a bright future ahead, Lex’s contributions to LM Restaurants have set a new standard of excellence in the industry.

In his acceptance speech, Lex expressed gratitude for the support of his team and the Moshakos, whose vision and passion have made Vidrio a beacon of excellence in Raleigh’s vibrant restaurant scene.

The industry celebrated the remarkable achievements of Lex Collazo and many others. As they continue to inspire and uplift others, their legacy will endure, shaping the future of the industry for generations to come.

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