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Fry Day was this week and you know how Carolina Ale House feels about our Fries… we love them so much, we beer batter them!

But the real question is, how do you dip those beloved fries? And in what? As many delicious house-made sauces Caroline Ale House makes from scratch, we still can’t deny that Ketchup (and particularly our table set Heinz ketchup) is a big favorite. Let’s dig deeper shall we? The foundation of ketchup is an ingredient that LM Restaurants Founder, Papa Lou, is obsessive over (some may say “neurotic” , and we mean that in the yummiest beer-battered, perfectly warm, crunchy fry way!) That ingredient…. TOMATOES.

When we say Tomatoes, we mean, Papa Lou is All-About-Those-Tomatoes. It’s the first ingredient he will look over, when coming into one of your favorite neighborhood Carolina Ale Houses’ and also the first piece of produce that he will talk about.

Want the know the best way to store a tomato…. Not in the Fridge. Per Papa Lou, always keep those sun-grown, vine-ripe, juicy tomatoes on the counter.

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